We had the time of our lives on our trip to South Africa with William. William’s meticulously-planned itinerary was perfect – there was something amazing to experience and see every day. From seeing an interesting range of animals such as baboons, elephants, and penguins to petting and holding cheetahs and owls and riding ostriches to tubing a tea-tasting river and bungee jumping the world’s tallest bridge jump, every day you’ll have a lot to write home about! Our accommodations were beautiful and very comfortable.

It was so well planned that the group even forgot what day on the calendar it was – we only had to ask what we were doing the next day to figure out what to wear and what to pack in our day packs and came home with over 6000 photos.
Bloukrans Bungy jumping, South Africa

For the foodies of the group, South Africa boasts wonderful diverse offerings. We had fresh seafood, wild game such as kudu, juicy meat pies with flaky crusts, and delicious Cape Malay curries. We toured several new world wineries and had wonderful selections that were not offered back home. We even found our new favorite gummy candy and systematically purchased entire inventories from every grocery store we encountered – wine gums.

Pet a Cheetah, South Africa

I would wish this wonderful experience upon anyone interested in discovering new experiences. You will come home with fond memories and a strong urge to go back!

C.H. – South Africa Adventure Experience 2010

I love to travel and I hate to plan. When my wife and I went to South Africa with William it was the best of both worlds. We selected the things we wanted to do and see on our trip before we arrived and once we boarded the plane there was no more thinking involved. I was able to relax, enjoy all the activities and not have to worry about anything; William had taken care of it all.

I have traveled a lot and with many different groups, people and guides and William is by far the best person to go with….aside from my wife of course. While in South Africa we saw wildlife, went river tubing, swam with great whites (in a cage) and enjoyed great food. The entire trip was a memorable experience because I was living in every moment and not thinking about what was next.

Ostrich Eggs in Oudtshoorn South Africa

The other thing I enjoyed, and this goes along with not having to plan, was that William knew the lay of the land. He knew the places to go and more importantly the places not to go. I felt safe and knew that wherever we were going next was either going to be filled with great food or an exciting experience.

Owls in South Africa

Our trip was tailored to be an “adventure trip”. The things on the list included 10 mile hikes through the backcountry of Africa, bungee jumping, river tubing/rock jumping, ostrich riding, safari’s where we were literally only a few feet from huge wild lions with no cage, shark diving and this was all paired with wine tasting, delicious food and scenic views. Now, one would think they would be exhausted after a trip like that, however my mind and body were completely relaxed and I came back to the United States well rested and looking forward to my next trip with William…which happened to be Belize.

M.G. – South Africa Adventure Experience 2010

I traveled with William to South Africa in the fall of 2010. Simply put, I believe it is the best vacation I have ever had. I have traveled all over the world but never before had I been so completely engrossed in the experience of a place. William took such great care of all the details the only thing I had to worry about was what time to get up in the morning.

In life I strive to find those moments that take your breath away. To find the moments I know I will never forget. Each year I feel lucky if I find one or two of those moments. I can honestly say that during my two weeks in South Africa I had at least a dozen of those moments. The view from the lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope, the incredible beauty of the wineries, the seascape in Jeffries Bay, watching a lion appear from the bush at dusk, riding an ostrich, and swimming with great white sharks are all moments I know I will never forget.

William did such a great job with all the food, travel and housing arrangements that my mind was left to really live in each incredible moment. My only complaint was the food was so good I think I gained 5 pounds.

I think South Africa may seem overwhelming to a lot of people. William made everything easy, safe and accessible for us. Because of his local knowledge I feel we had access to many things just off the beaten path. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who feels life should be lived to its fullest.

Tubing the Storms River, South Africa
Knysna Heads, South Africa

G.J. – South Africa Adventure Experience 2010


Will Swanepoel, owner, ELT

Hi, I'm Will Swanepoel, owner of Extraordinary Life Travel. Although I’ve lived in the USA since 1994, I regularly return to my native South Africa to visit family and old friends. I have crafted this South Africa Experience with care and attention to detail so that you fully experience the food, culture, sites, stories, and natural splendor my home country has to offer.

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